Tackling Poverty
Building Resilience

Accessing emergency food and help with benefits and budgeting during COVID-19

At the start of the coronavirus outbreak, we made adjustments to the delivery of our services to continue to support our community during the pandemic. Read more to find out how you can get help with food and advice on benefits and budgeting.


Our SAFE support workers can help you with benefits, budgeting, debt advice and support.



Donate money

Your donations are vital in helping us maintain a holistic support system for vulnerable people across the northeast of Scotland. Find out how your contributions support our beneficiaries.



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Amount raised: £137,565.17

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Fundraising for CFINE raises vital cash that helps us support vulnerable local people. Bake sales, sponsored swims, and our annual Appetite for Change challenge are great examples, but we wouldn't want to limit your imagination!



Volunteer for us

Want to make a difference? Volunteering is a great way of learning new skills, gaining experience, and meeting new people!



Vegaroonitoon fruit and vegetable box delivery

CFINE is delivering fruit and vegetable boxes around Aberdeen directly to your door. Place an order today for an affordable and good quality produce box and support our development work in priority communities throughout Aberdeen.


Author: Flora Kovecses

Keep Growing Aberdeen - Seedling Sharing Project

Keep Growing Aberdeen is a seedling sharing project formed by a new partnership between CFINE, One Seed Forward, Tullos Community Garden, and Granite City Good Food. If you are interested in food growing, read more for details


Author: Flora Kovecses


  • Community Garden Festival set to Launch

    Granite City Growing are proud to launch the forthcoming Community Garden Festival! Read more

  • We have refreshed our brand after almost 25 years!

    We are delighted to announce the refreshment of our brand after almost 25 years! The ever-changing atmosphere of the pandemic highlighted the need for us to create a brand that reflects the organisation’s proud past and its future direction towards tackling poverty. Read more to find out what our CEO said about the brand launch. Read more

  • Lifesavers and caregivers raising funds for people experiencing hardship

    Aberdeen health and caregiving staff organised a fundraiser for CFINE and AberNecessities, charities in Aberdeen providing essential support services to people experiencing hardship. Read more to find out what CFINE and AberNecessities said about this fantastic gesture! Read more


  • Preparing for cold weather

    Using fleece and ideas on how to store your excess vegetables Read more

  • My Appetite for Change

    Our CFINE Community Growing Development Worker Rebecca tells us about her experience in taking part in our annual fundraiser 'Appetite for Change' and what she learnt from the challenge that aims to highlight the inequality in access to food that financially insecure families experience. Read more

  • Recycling in Plants

    Plants move chemicals around to make best use of their resources. Timely jobs include semi-ripe cuttings and seed cleaning. Read more