A note about Parsnip planting from Alan Carter
“You can sow parsnips in spring but they germinate much better with stratification (a period of cold). You can sow them any time from now to late winter. I'd sow them outdoors as root crops can easily fork if transplanted. The weather will do the stratification for you if they are sown outside any time up until late winter (Feb). Sow lightly covered at roughly 1" spacing and thin to 6" or more when they come up.”

Thanks Alan Carter for these tips. Alan is a forester, gardener and community grower based in Aberdeen. He is the author of the forest gardening blog, Of Plums and Pignuts. You can read a more detailed entry about parsnips which he wrote here:

Alan is leading an ‘Introduction to Seed Saving’ workshop this Saturday. If you would like to sign up please email me at [email protected] Some more details about the workshop below:

Introduction to Seed saving
Live workshop on Zoom led by Alan Carter
26th September 2020, 11am – 1pm
An idea of what the workshop will cover:
1. Seed Saving – Why do it?
2. Seed Saving is not just for Autumn – an overview of year round tasks to think about
3. How to… – Saving and storing seeds
4. Show and tell – a chance for participants to ask questions and share experience using, if you like, examples from your own plants
5. Germination notes
To make sure every participant can interact with the workshop, including asking questions about their plants, there is a limit of 12 spaces on this workshop.