Aberdeen Football Club Community Trust - Fit Fine | Part 2

Group selfie

So far

We have had a great time over the last 6 weeks, starting things off nice and simple with some fresh soup, trying out a lovely curry, an alternative to a take away burger and chips, and a veggie chilli.

Week 5

Cottage pie 2

In week 5 we went for a cottage pie (recipe below) that uses some lentils to replace some of the mince (this gives it a great viscosity without losing any of the flavour or texture). This is a favourite of mine, so I had been really keen for the guys to try it out and being the stars that they are they were game to give it a go. I had changed the recipe a little bit to suit the group as they were not keen on too much potato, we replaced a 3rd with parsnip and another 3rd with sweet potato, if anything this only made the dish better.

Week 6

Week 6 saw us make an Italian chicken baked parcel (recipe below) that is absolutely packed with flavour and is as simple to make as it could be.

Italian chicken parcel

I had wanted to show the guys that we could make simple food that takes minutes of preparation, gets thrown into some foil, then popped into the oven. This recipe can be used (with slight adjustments) with all kinds of meats, fish, or just a mixture of tasty vegetables.


The guys also brought in more food to donate to CFINE’s food bank, approximately 30kg this time, that’s 50kg they donated between them, we really appreciate this support, especially at this time of year when donations tend to slow down and our stocks can get really low, couple this with the rise in demand that we have seen lately and every donation becomes crucial to us in order to keep the food bank open.

Until next time

All in all the classes were a run away success and we look forward to working with AFCCT again in the very near future.