During the lockdown, I became more and more aware of the importance of doing more to help our planet and I kept hearing how folk were starting to grow their own fruit and veg and herbs on windowsills etc. Visiting my best friend drew my attention to her neighbour who had set up some pots and raised beds in their front driveway. That was enough to make me realise that there is always room to grow something. I have a small garden with no beds to grow food but do have some herbs in pots around the edges and on my window sill and I am forever trying to grow my favourites with limited success.

Starting to investigate more I discovered how to do cuttings from a supermarket basil plant and also had a go at re-rooting and growing green onions. I even managed to root and plant an avocado stone! I would have bought more pots and started my own wee driveway garden too but sitting staring me in the face across the garden fence is my neighbours' greenhouse. It has been full of junk and unused for years but I suddenly became aware of an opportunity which I had to give a go. Tentatively I asked my neighbour if I might clean out the greenhouse and use it to try growing some plants? Immediately her eyes lit up and she said the family had been talking about offering it to me anyway as her husband used to be a keen gardener but wasn't able to manage into the garden anymore.

I didn't need any more encouragement. A few days later, within a couple of hours, I had the greenhouse cleared out and my basil plants sitting on one of the rickety shelves. Slowly I added a trough of two types of lettuce I had managed to grow from seed, three cheap supermarket veggie plants - tomato, cucumber and courgette, my avocado seedling and some carrots in deep pots I had sown from seed too. I ate my first batch of lettuce and cucumber on one of the few sunny days we've had recently! All the plants are all a work in progress - some better than others but I am so grateful to my neighbours and next year they are allowing me to use some of the ground to try growing potatoes. I hope to get my neighbour's husband interested and involved again once he has stopped shielding from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, I will KEEP GROWING. Perhaps there is an opportunity sitting staring you in the face, but even if you aren't as lucky as me - just get started with something on your window ledge or driveway - any available space you have. You never know where it will lead you.