Shallow fried broad beans فول مقلى بزيت

This is very common in Syria, Lebanon and palastien. and it is called Foul Ma'alla. Vegetarian, healthy and nutrient. Read more

Lentil and cheese wedges

An easy low cost recipe that is great straight from the oven or served cold. It is an old favourite from my Cranks recipe book from the 80s. Try it with yellow split peas instead of lentils, use the heels of bread to make breadcrumbs and freeze, and add your own flavourings such as chilli flakes. Take advantage of special offers to tweak your recipes - I spotted yellow split peas at only 32p and it worked just fine for a fraction of the cost. A mature cheddar will be tastier and you won't ne Read more

Cacio e Pepe

Quite literally "cheese and pepper", this minimalist cacio e pepe recipe is like a stripped-down mac and cheese. Read more

Fruit tart

This low-cost fruit tart will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Check out our recipe to find out how to prepare this delicious dessert that only costs 25p per portion. Read more


An affordable meal for four that is ready in less than 30 minutes? Yes! Check out our Frittata recipe - it only costs 85p per portion and will definitely leave you feeling full&happy! Read more

Creamy Vegan Casserole

If you are after a warming and nourishing meal that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, this Creamy Vegan Casserole by The Happy Pear will be the one for you. Read more for details Read more

Veg curry with paratha and rice

One of our Appetite for Change 2020 Challengers shared this great recipe with us. If you are up for a delicious curry that only costs £1.03 per portion, read more for ingredients and cooking instructions. Read more