National Play Day

August began with a great Play Day organised by one of the local charities, Aberdeen Play Forum.  The focus of the day, as well as the charity itself is to celebrate Children’s Right to Play and encourage kids and adults to engage in fun activities. 

Play Day 6 ed

“When I grow up, I will have a Tuk-Tuk too”

Our Tuk in was invited to the event to serve healthy refreshments for the kids and grownups.  The Tuk-Tuk arrived around noon to Union Terrace Gardens.  According to our volunteer, who was the first person getting to the spot, as soon as he parked down the Tuk, a queue started form. That’s why he didn’t even have time to pack out in the first 45 minutes. 

By the time I arrived, families were standing in about a 16 feet long queue.  The Tuk in was serving real fruit ice lollies, goodness bars and organic apple juice.  Due to the warm weather, the strawberry popsicles were extremely popular amongst kids and adults.  But it wasn’t just for the drinks and snacks… Our Tuk in has been nominated for the imaginary “Coolest and Cutest Vehicle Awards” several times.  A few little girls were very confident and asked us if they could sit in the driver’s seat.

“When I grow up, I will have a Tuk-Tuk too” – says a little boy, who was the next in the line for trying the Tuk in. “This is so tiny that I could drive it even now” – he added.  

Play Day 2 Ed

The youngest volunteer of CFINE

After an hour of the bottomless flow of ice lollies, a young boy, Damien, came to me and said: “I saw you are very busy, I came to help” with his popsicle in his hands.  I made a deal with him: after finishing the lollipop and asking for his parents’ permission, he could give us a hand.

Now, without any sort of exaggeration, Damien did an amazing job.  He showed us and the clientele his unbelievable skills, polite manners and confidence.  I was amazed how quickly he adapted to the role and learnt the fastest way to serve the popsicles.  In about 15 minutes, he took charge of the entire selection of products.  Even though he said it was hard work, he didn’t give up and kept serving the people seeking a refreshment.

All gone

The event was a huge success, we ran out of the ice lollies in 2 hours.  I really enjoyed seeing families and kids gathering together and having a great time.  Meeting such a kind-hearted and hardworking young man like Damien was a pleasure.  In case Damien’s mum is reading this blog, thank you for letting him help and teach us something new today.

Flora Kovecses