Preparing for cold weather

Using fleece and ideas on how to store your excess vegetables Read more

Recycling in Plants

Plants move chemicals around to make best use of their resources. Timely jobs include semi-ripe cuttings and seed cleaning. Read more

You want to grow where? From your neighbour’s back garden to care homes...

A review of recent community growing activity from the perspective of CFINE's Community Growing Development Worker, Rebecca Dunn. Read more

Garden Wildlife: Green Finches

Common and colourful birds who need our help just now and the simple steps we can take to protect them. Read more

Recognizing problems

Becoming familiar with tell-tale signs of pests and diseases helps gardeners know how to respond Read more

Ground Beetles

Are they friend of foe? It's good to know who's about.... Read more

Midsummer Musings

The most important colour in the garden, plant movements, and time to prune maples and birches Read more

Increasing your plants by seed and cuttings

It is time to think about seed collecting and semi ripe cuttings as plants move through summer Read more

Keeping on top of the weeds and crop spacing

Taking advantage of dry conditions to hoe and reduce the weeds saves much work later on. Various mulches, and thoughts on thinning vegetables Read more


A description of this lovely butterfly and its food plants. Read more

Colour for people and bugs

How to achieve year around colour in the garden; communicating with New Zealand flatworms Read more

Juggling space for plants and softwood cuttings

Managing space in polytunnels allocated for tender plants to keep them growing; softwood cuttings is a skill that can give confidence in choosing and increasing the number of plants Read more