CFINE have been awarded the Energy Saving Trust - eBike Grant Fund by Transport for Scotland in August 2019. The grant allowed CFINE to purchase 2 cargo bikes, safety equipment and tools as part of the Vegaroonitoon (translates to veg around the town) project.

The aim of the project is to increase access to fresh food and emergency food parcels for those who cannot make their way to the CFINE premises, for health or other reasons. The bikes will also be used for smaller fruit and vegetable deliveries to households or companies, reducing carbon emission by taking pressure off the vans and raising awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles. The bikes are fitted with cargo holds with the capacity of 160 litres or 125kg, which is enough to deliver emergency food aid to 33 individuals in need per run.

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For more information on fruit and vegetable deliveries or emergency food parcel deliveries, please contact CFINE on 01224 596156 or: 

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