Plant ID-Hellebores

Great plants that flower early in the year Read more

First thoughts on your garden layout

Points to consider when mulling over your garden layout, including usage, site strengths and weaknesses, and where to start Read more

Looking after Seedlings

Helping seedlings move from warm shelter to outdoor Aberdeenshire is crucial Read more

Supplementary organic nutrition

Some issues with NPK fertilizers, effects on the soil food web interactions with plants, alternative feeding Read more

More on pruning

Some terms defined, how and where to make cuts, pruning deciduous shrubs Read more

Getting to grips with pruning

The first of two articles explaining the nuts and bolts of pruning. Why are plants so like teenagers? Thinking about the hows and the whys. Read more

The root of the matter

The soil comprises the niche of the roots, as does the compost for houseplants. How can we keep it healthy? Why do soils vary so much? Read more

Indoor Gardening

Things to consider about the timing of seed sowing Read more

Hardwood cuttings

Propagating plants is great fun, and hardwood cuttings are easy to do, pretty reliable, and give you plants for free. Read more

Wildlife and Hygiene in the garden

The desire to have a wildlife friendly garden and to keep it neat can feel like a conflict. Suggestions for balancing priorities. Read more

Maintaining a healthy soil by using compost

Organic matter is often mentioned, but how do we get it? It really does improve and maintain our soils Read more

Seedy Matters

Can you sow your seeds from last year? Factors that can help you decide. Read more