Sam’s anti poverty challenge

Sam Leys

Having just started working for CFINE I have seen first hand how people struggle everyday just to get out and face the day.

Gotta Do It!

Dave Simmers

(Food) poverty, with all the damage and hurt it causes, is widespread - CFINE makes some difference to thousands of people - so gotta support.

Apetite for Change 2021

Kerry Wright

Because every little bit helps. :)

Beat the Beast... help beat Food Poverty!

Dominic Corcoran

CFINE has been hugely supportive of the communities of the Highlands, including my community in Sutherland. Distance has been no hurdle, regularly delivering Fareshare food across the four corners of the north of Scotland, helping to ensure that those that need support, receive it.

West Way Highlanders

Coral And Katherine

We passionately believe that everyone deserves to have a nice warm meal and a full stomach everyday.

Serica Energy Cookbook 2020

Debbie Byres

Cfine is one of our Charities that Serica Energy support. During these times now more than ever people are turning to Foodbanks.