Support - Advice - Finance - Education

Our SAFE support workers are here to support those who are facing financial difficulty or need help navigating the welfare system 


SAFE stands for Support, Advice, Finance and Education. Our team of SAFE support workers are trained to support those facing financial difficulty or navigating the welfare system. The SAFE team provides a more holistic, person-centred support that responds to often multiple and complex, needs of people struggling to get by on benefits and low incomes.

Our History

CFINE’s Financial Capability project and the Cash in your Pocket have now merged to create the new SAFE team. The team have been learning new and efficient systems to help with the new project as it develops. 

Reflecting on the Financial Capability project - up until April 2019 - it had been very pleasing. The Financial Capability Officers have engaged with over 760 individuals annually.  By utilising more efficient systems and working methods, the SAFE team is working towards providing support to even more individuals than the Financial Capability Officers did.


The initiative is funded by the Fairer Aberdeen Fund and The Scottish Government.