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Our impact

Sam and the SAFE Team

Sam* contacted the SAFE Team seeking advice on any benefits he may be eligible for.

He was advised about re-entitlement to Universal Credit and applying for a Council Tax reduction. Although Sam did have online access on his phone, he was not confident in making the application himself and so our adviser offered to support with this. A face-to-face appointment was arranged to help set up a Universal Credit account and make an online application.

The adviser also completed the application for Council Tax Benefit, along with Sam, and provided a contact number for the Scottish Welfare Fund so he could apply for a Crisis Grant until first payment of Universal Credit was received.

The SAFE Team member also suggested and made a referral to Pathways for employment support.

Sam received £80 from the Scottish Welfare Fund to help with daily expenses until the first payment of £409.89 from Universal Credit was received. He also received a full Council Tax Benefit.

The adviser continued to offer ongoing support to update Sam’s Universal Credit journal. He also received help from Pathways to update his CV and recently he received a full-time job offer which he has accepted.

Sam is extremely grateful for the help he received.

*a false name has been used to protect the client’s identity.

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