What's a CFO?

CFINE’s army of volunteers operates c40 Community Food Outlets (CFOs) across the city to provide access to affordable and good quality produce for those who may not be able to visit a shop every week. The CFOs are located at community settings, such as community centres, hospitals, sheltered housing complexes and so on.

Fruit and veg with a cuppa' on the side

In June, we have visited one of the CFOs, based in amenity housing at Meadow Court, to gather feedback on the produce and explore what the customers enjoy the most about these pop-up shops. As we enter, we see a few people having a conversation around the table with fruit and veg in front of them. We soon understand that Mrs and Mr A – who run the mentioned CFO – are catching up on the latest happenings with the customers, who are fellow tenants from the building. We didn’t want to interrupt, so we approached other customers in the meanwhile. According to the ladies who were picking some fruit and veg for the week, the produce is nice and fresh and Robin - one of our drivers - is a real gentleman, ready to help. Once the ladies collected everything they needed, they joined the others at the table.

CFOs are a very important service that CFINE provides as it goes way beyond selling fruit and veg at certain spots in the city. Those who access the service often visit the pop-up shops to have a conversation and some company while purchasing healthy and affordable ingredients for their meals. We are proud to say that CFINE’s fruit and veg is not only food for the tummy, but for the soul as it helps tackle social isolation in vulnerable communities.

If you’d like to have a cuppa’ and buy some veg at one of our CFOs, visit the CFO diary:

CFO Diary