What's Cooking on a Budget? 

Our November/December 2018 free Cooking on a Budget 4 weeks cooking course had its last session on Tuesday 03/12/18. This course aims to support the communities, families and individuals of Aberdeen with cooking skills that allow them to prepare inexpensive but healthy and varied meals.

We found that people often stick to plain and repetitive recipes when using low cost ingredients like rice, beans and common vegetables, or just don’t have the experience so avoid using them. This course is looking at wallet-friendly meals that require no or very little cooking skills yet are delicious and nutritious. The classes are held in our Cook at the ‘Nook community kitchen with 8 work stations which allows us to accommodate bigger groups.

November/December course

5 people took part in our November/December group. The classes were held by Liz and Kellie who have previously completed many of our cooking courses. As mentioned above, the Cooking on a Budget course is a 4 weeks/4 sessions course through which the participants get to try a selection of interesting recipes and ask any cooking related questions.

During the last session, the participants completed the ‘Food Parcel Challenge’ through which they had been given the content of a general food parcel and some fresh fruit and vegetables that we received through FareShare and they had to come up with 2 main meals and 2 desserts. Kellie and Liz supported the ideas with recommendations for spices, cooking methods and techniques.

The outcome:

Rice stuffed bell peppers
Vegetable lasagna
Baked rice puddings
Crepes stuffed with peanut butter

Coming up...

The Cooking on a Budget course is always very popular, therefore, we made it an ongoing programme. The next course will start in January, so keep an open eye on our webpage and social media for dates in the next few weeks.