George Street Farmers’ Market

CFINE was invited to take part in George Street Farmers’ Market last weekend. We loaded our van and the Tuk In mobile café with fresh and exotic fruit and vegetables. It was a great experience; folks loved the colourful produce including purple cauliflowers, yellow raspberries, purple tatties, even the smallest tomatoes of the world. Our team had a great time serving littles and grown-ups. However, we came across to a lot of questions about the ‘business side’ of the organisation.

Selling fruit and vegetables at a competitive price on George Street Farmers

What does CFINE exactly do?

We are a fruit & vegetables wholesale and retail based in Aberdeen. The produce is fresh, locally sourced and good priced. Our customers can place one-off orders for their healthy goods, set up a standing order for the everyday fruit and veg or they can come along to our warehouse and pick their own. In addition, we provide free workplace delivery with every order.

Why is it any special?

CFSelling cheap exotic heritage tomatoes and the smallest tomatoINE is a social enterprise and charity. But what does it mean exactly? We sell healthy stuff (not to mention the 1000 other activities) to generate income for our charity. Our main purpose is to tackle poverty and provide access to food for those in need. All profit we make is reinvested to our social support. It means, we provide a convenient chance for you to contribute to the wellbeing of the vulnerable individuals. 

Basically: Eat well and do good without the extra effort or financial input.

We are open for individual enquires and businesses as well. For example, if you work in hospitality needing a reliable fruit, vegetables and healthy goods supplier or in an office thinking to make healthy snacks available for the team, feel free to get in touch with us.

Ordering from us supports HWL awards.

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