Ferryhill pupils in race for CFINE

If you are local to Ferryhill and Duthie Park, you may have noticed children running, walking or cycling around the park in blue school uniforms over the past two weeks. A very unusual sight during lockdown!

At most schools, the last term of the school year is often the most exciting one as it is usually packed with outdoor learning, sports days, school outings, and end-of-year parties. At Ferryhill, this is also the time of year pupils would normally participate in their annual Duthie Park fun run.

This year, it’s all been very different. No sports days, no outdoor sessions on the field, and no classmates to play with while enjoying the great weather during lockdown. That’s why going ahead with the Duthie Park run was more important than ever – to remind pupils that even when we’re apart, we can still be together and support each other.

Organised by the school’s house and sports captains, the run has been a highlight of the Ferryhill school calendar for many years and is an opportunity for the children to give back to their local community. Every year, children choose a different local charity to support and this year that choice was an obvious one.

With so many families feeling the pressure of the current situation in the form of job loss, being furloughed or having seen a reduction in hours, house captains wanted to use the Duthie Park run to support families in our local community. Normally organised as a one-day running event, this year pupils had two weeks to complete the event and were given the choice to either run, walk, cycle or even roller skate a distance of either 5KM or 10KM, wearing their school uniform.

Pupils have until Friday 19th June to complete their chosen distance, so please have a look-out for blue uniforms and feel free to encourage them along the way.

And if we’ve motivated you to join us in supporting CFINE, why not come to our drop off point on Saturday 20th June. The CFINE van will be at Duthie Park from 9:00am  – 12:00pm on Saturday for any donations of non-perishable food items or household cleaning products.

We’d love to see you there!

Article written by: Angela, Parent Council Chair at Ferryhill School