Woodside Pantry

The Woodside Pantry, Scotland’s first pantry-style food poverty scheme has opened its doors to the public on 25 February 2019. It’s only been 2.5 months since the launch and it has already reached the initial membership of 100.

Members of the Woodside Pantry pay the annual fee of £3 and an additional £2.50 for their weekly shopping. They can choose up to 10 items, including meat, laundry liquid and ambient food.

The graph below shows the proportion of different products being sold at the Woodside Pantry

If you’d like to read more about the working of the Woodside Pantry:

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The Developments Workers of the Woodside Pantry have recently undertaken a survey among the members to gather feedback and identify areas where further improvement is needed. We are delighted to hear how satisfied most of the people are with the services and the positive ways it affected their lives.

“Happy this has started in our area, I budget better making my life nicer.”

“Well served, plenty of help to shop and the staff are all nice.”

“Good thing for the community and I’m 90 years young.”

“Helps with the weekly top up shop for myself and family.”

“A benefit to all my family.”

“Value for money, lots of shopping for £2.50.”


Based on the success of the Woodside Pantry, CFINE is working towards rolling out another two outlets in Aberdeen City in the next year.