Environmentally friendly sanitary products

Did you know that on average 427 million single-use period products are disposed of in Scotland every year, with 340,000 being flushed down the toilet every single day? And that on average each female will use 11,000 disposable products in her life?

Did you know there is an alternative? Reusable products such as menstrual cups and washable towels are becoming more popular with people who use sanitary products, as they reduce waste and cost far less over their lifetime.

Save money on tampons and towels

At CFINE, we are committed to environmentally friendly practices and helping our community save money wherever they can, so we teamed up with Aberdeen City Council, the Scottish Government, FareShare and NESCOL to raise awareness about reusables and help people get these great products safely, without any fuss, and best of all, for free.

We have been working with Aberdeen City Council and SHMU to develop a lesson plan, an information video on reusables to include information as to where it could be sourced. This has been an exciting piece of work which has meant loads of new learning for me – I wouldn’t have even known what a lesson plan looks like. The plan was to trial this with a primary school in Aberdeen in early February. We have a supportive Deputy Head onboard supporting us and who is willing to trial the lesson with her P6s and P7s.

Unfortunately, the recent lockdown has meant that the lesson won’t be delivered until the schools reopen properly, but we are excited and ready to go as soon as this happens.  

Over the last year we have given out nearly 450 reusable products, but our goal is to increase the uptake of reusables by 2000 over this year, and to help erase the stigma around menstruation with our campaign.


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