Heartfelt comments from the CFINE staff

“I love everything about my job even the frustrating parts! I can honestly say with hand on heart that it’s the best job I have ever had! My bosses are “Awesome” as are my work Mates. For me coming to work is pure joy!”

“The thing I love most about my job is having the freedom to develop and introduce my own ideas in various projects, as well as bringing positive change to Aberdeen and improving people’s lives.”


“When I was at my lowest from being unemployed and other things, CFINE took a chance and hired me. I have always appreciated and thank them for it.”


“I love the great atmosphere and friendly banter at CFINE.”


“I love my job because it’s a job where we hope we are supporting people but also the laughs, banter and giggles that help cope with all the other obstacles”


“Working among people who believe in you can change your whole world. The most genuine and loving bunch of people who treat all colleagues and beneficiaries with endless kindness.”


“I love when people leave the kitchen with a smile and going away able to cook more.”


“CFINE is wonderful because every day is different (has its downside!), the culture and ethos are welcoming, friendly and fun, inclusive and supportive. The volunteers and staff are amazing which, in turn, means an enormous, positive impact supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals and families. Love it!!”


“Working at CFINE has been the best thing that could have happened to me, the fact that the work we do can be seen to have an effect on people and that we will treat every person as an individual and not a number, makes me proud to work here.”


“I have worked in Community Development for over 30 years and I can honestly say the people involved here whether they be beneficiaries, volunteers, board members and staff show fantastic commitment every day to tackling food poverty and addressing real day to day issues that many people in the city face and most importantly we have a laugh.”


“I have been working at CFINE for 6 months but have had an affiliation through my previous job for over 13 years.  I have watched CFINE grown from very small seeds to the huge organisation it is today, nurturing volunteers and staff to become the best they can be.  My post is varied and there are never two days the same and I do feel a sense of fulfilment most days in knowing that I am making a difference to people less fortunate than ourselves.”


“Every day at CFINE is a different one, but every day, no matter how busy or pressured, there is always laughter”