Cook's Day Off

Sam, the owner and professional Italian chef of Cook’s Day Off, has been working with us for a couple of months now. Sam’s exciting classes and our well-equipped Cook at the ‘Nook training kitchen guarantee a day well spent. Our team took part in a homemade Italian pasta class yesterday; Sam wanted to test if the kitchen is suitable for a fairly big group (15 people), and we were happy to be her ‘guinea pigs’.

Pasta from scratch

We started with preparing the pasta dough from scratch! We don’t want to spoil such a great experience, so the recipe of the pasta dough remains our secret, but we can assure you; the preparation was a lot of fun. While the dough was resting, we started working on simple, but delicious sauces. The homemade tomato and veggie-packed pasta sauces are the most common, traditional Italian recipes; therefore, we went with those. After some chopping, spicing and stirring, the sauces were ready to cook!

Multitasking is probably the best word to describe what happened afterwards. While the sauces were cooking on the stoves, we started to create proper Italian tagliatelle out of the dough. Every single one of us loved the “pasta machines” and the magic they did. This part of the process was a perfect team-building exercise as we needed all four hands of the cooking pairs to keep things together. Note: Sam assured us, it gets a lot easier with time and experience.

Buon appetito!

After a good 2 hours of cooking, we couldn’t wait for the pasta dishes to be ready. We sat down and had a meal together.

It was a very nice experience, thank you Sam! Making your own pasta is an easy and wallet-friendly way to impress your loved ones with the proper, home cooked Italian cuisine.

If you’re interested in Sam’s classes, click here for the Cook’s Day Off website.