Best Start and Smile Pantry

The Best Start and Smile Project involves the operation of the Best Start and Smile Pantry (BSSP), which aims to allay the pressure on food-insecure parents to provide healthy food for their children by offering a family-oriented shopping experience on a membership basis, at a fixed weekly token price.

Oral Health

The members of the Best Start and Smile Pantry will have an additional opportunity to receive information and access to oral health education and advice, as well as free adults’ and children’s toothbrushes and toothpaste. 

Sign up to become a member

The BSSP is recruiting women and young families from Aberdeen, Torry, who are pregnant or have one or more pre-school age children.

The Best Start and Smile Project will permanently open its doors on designated days of the week for its members later in 2019. It is a Scottish Government funded project, delivered working in partnership with the Health and Social Care Partnership and NHS Grampian.

Healthy Start Voucher and Best Start Foods Card

Those members who are entitled to Healthy Start vouchers/Best Start food cards will be able to redeem those at the BSSP, with added value.

Weekly Shopping

The members of the Best Start and Smile Pantry can purchase 10 items, including high quality, nutritious food items - for example, meat and fish- as well as dry goods and other household items at the weekly cost of £2.50.  The estimated value of the 10 items is £20, which is a generous ‘top-up’ to the pantry-user individuals’ weekly shopping.

To sign up or for more information, contact CFINE or come by our premises:

2-4 Poynernook Rd., Aberdeen, AB11 5RW - 01224 596156

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