Free, good quality clothing for children 

CFINE's initiative - the Comfort Closet - is making children's clothing available free to struggling families in Aberdeen. The aim of the project is to increase kids' involvement in social activities by providing appropriate clothing for every occasion, including school trips, football and casual wear. Social workers find that children who don't have the right clothing, tend to socialise less than their peers. This project is tackling the issue of social exclusion based on the lack of clothing whilst reducing the amount of textile waste that goes to landfill. 

Where to find us

The clothes are made available at CFINE (2-4 Poynernook Rd. AB11 5RW) and through a number of partner organisations, including schools, nurseries and community centres in Aberdeen. 

If you'd like more information about accessing the service or would like to donate clothes, please contact us

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“During my time working and interacting with families who struggling to make ends meet, I explored that those children who live in vulnerable families miss out on a lot of things, often because they don’t have the right clothes and shoes to play football or go on a school trip”

Kerry Wright - Comfort Closet Project Co-ordinator, CFINE