CFINE is involved in developing the city's community growing. 

Aberdeen City Council has allocated £145,000 to help develop sustainable growing spaces for the public to enjoy.

Shared Spaces 

These spaces are not your typical allotments however but spaces to be shared by the local community.  Vegetables, fruits and herbs can be grown alongside all kinds of other plants to create relaxing, recreational gardens within Aberdeen.  The focus of the project is in the areas of; Tillydrone, Mastrick, Northfield, Middlefield, Torry and Seaton.

The project is driven by the Community Empowerment Act 2015, and the requirement for Aberdeen to prepare a Food Growing Strategy over the coming years.  The food-growing projects will help to inform the strategy as it takes shape
Read more about the Food Growing Strategy.

Some projects have already begun; The Donside Growers group have huge ideas that are beginning to be implemented slowly.  We hope to see planters emerging around Donside village very soon!

Another project moving forward is based within three local schools in the city;  Woodside, Bramble brae and Tullos primary.  Bob Donald of One Seed Forward is creating small growing spaces within the schools.  The idea is to encourage outdoor learning and build relationships between children and the food they eat.

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