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Our SAFE support workers are here to support those who are facing financial difficulty or need help navigating the welfare system 

Thank you

CFINE has been awarded from the Fairer Aberdeen Fund (FAF), by the Fairer Aberdeen Board on 17/3/19, £165,476. We are aware of the current financial situation of Aberdeen City Council, therefore choosing to support our cause is much appreciated.

The Projects

In 2019-2022, CFINE is further improving its action against food poverty and disadvantage in Aberdeen. The Fairer Aberdeen Fund allows us to develop the ‘Support, Advice, Financial, Education’ (S.A.F.E.) services and support to the community in a cost and time efficient way. SAFE will provide CFINE’s and partners’ beneficiaries with face to face financial capability support (benefits, budgeting, debt); financial information and education through community outreach and group sessions; digital literacy support for individuals who need it, for example, to make and maintain their benefit claims; and a referral system through which agencies on behalf of beneficiaries and beneficiaries themselves can be referred to those agencies who can support the beneficiaries to resolve their issues. SAFE will provide a more holistic, person-centred support that responds to them, often multiple and complex, needs of people struggling to get by on benefits and low incomes.

The FAF has also funded CFINE’s ‘Tackling Food Poverty’ (TFP) project which will maintain and develop existing and establishing new, Community Food Outlets (CFOs) making affordable fresh produce accessible while also increasing access to free FareShare good food. TFP will also support and develop Food Poverty Action Aberdeen and the delivery of its Action plan.

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