Working in partnership to tackle poverty and build resilience.

Food Poverty Action Aberdeen (FPAA), formerly the Food Banks Partnership Aberdeen, was formed in late 2012 in response to rising demand for emergency food provision in the city combined with concern about the rapid increase in food banks.

The partnership brings together currently 76 public sector staff and services, charities, community organisations and faith-based groups involved in supporting people in food poverty/ insecurity.

FPAA takes the position that food banks are not helpful in and of themselves as they erode dignity, create dependence and achieve no fundamental change, however, food banks are essential when people have no other means of obtaining food.

Each member signs a Memorandum of Understanding and Information Sharing Protocol outlining the principles and approach taken by FPAA. All members commit to taking a person-centred approach making effort to provide the additional support to remove the dependence on a food bank.

Food Poverty/Insecurity in Aberdeen

FPAA published a report in July 2017 providing evidence and experience from a number of partner organisations. The report includes statistics on food bank use, issues faced by those living in food poverty, and identifies the main contributing factors.

The report was shared widely with local, Scottish and UK policy makers to provide information on the situation in Aberdeen. 

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