Food on a budget

Martyn Duthie

To see how people difficult it is too have little money for groceries

Sean's Appetite for Change

Sean McVeigh

I am taking part in this great fundraising event to try to cast some light on food poverty and to show just how difficult it is to live on such a tight budget.

Fiona's Foodbank Challenge

Fiona Young

I am fundraising for CFINE because without them, thousands of vulnerable residents in the city would go hungry.

Beth at Appetite for Change

Beth Robertson

I want to raise money for a good cause

Wilma’s Appetite for Change

Wilma Smith

CFine do a great job and this will help to raise awareness.

Rebecca's Appetite for Change Challenge

Rebecca Dunn

I work at CFINE and see firsthand that many households live in food poverty. I want to be able to make an impact on this. Everyone has the right to food.

Louise & Nathan’s Appetite for change fundraiser

Louise McEwan

I want to be able to help families on a low income who need extra support and the help of the food bank etc. I want to challenge myself to see how we would cope on this £2 a day challenge.

Sarah's Appetite for Change

Sarah Anderson

So sad that so many people still can't afford to eat. With the year we have had there probably will be higher numbers as well.

Appetite for Change CD

Claire Drummond

All Night Passion’s Appetite for Change

Mark Paterson

We would like to help support the amazing community based projects run by CFINE.

Lisa's Appetite for Change

Lisa Duthie

To raise funds for a fabulous cause