I’m sure you’ve all seen the photos doing the rounds of the free school meals parcels that are being sent out. If you haven’t then go see for yourself. Not good enough.

Firstly let me say I don't like the fact that we live in a world where food parcels and food banks exist. But at the moment they do.

Secondly - I’m as cynical as the next when a business pops up with something like this - is it all just marketing? We know the companies that do it. But if the end goal of money and more support for a cause is raised then all good.

We had a successful Christmas period and feel very lucky about how we are supported - so we’ve set up a donation page and donated £500 from that takings. All proceeds will go to CFine here in Aberdeen - they have provided a valuable service here for many years.

And so I’m asking you guys to donate what you can. The target is £1000 and we’re half way there already.

If you can’t donate - please consider sharing this to your network.

Much appreciated. Stay safe. 👍 Gary Kemp