The West Highland Way is a 96 mile walk, from Milngavie to Fortwilliam. We plan to do this within 5 days which is a fast pace and hopefully climb Ben Nevis upon arrival. We will be camping this journey in the wilderness. The drive to complete the fundraising expedition along the West Highland Way started with a 15 mile walk from Aberdeen to Inverurie. This was the spark of inspiration that would go on to inspire further long distance walks.

The West Highland Way has been something Coral has wanted to do since she climbed Ben Nevis last summer (little munro bagger). After finding our passion for walking and realising we create a good team together in these situations, Coral finally convinced me to take part in this grand plan.

Kat has always enjoyed the great outdoors and undertook her university geology dissertation in a six week long exercise in the Ardnamurchan. This regularly required hill climbing to map out the terrain. Kat is also a keen cyclist and runner.

The past year has highlighted how close many of us are facing acute food shortages.
Covid-19 has really hit many people, especially low income families, the self employed and business owners. I feel this is the right time to help alleviate the struggles of as many individuals as we can.

The lockdown also hit us hard because we are outdoor people, time to release that pent up energy.

Cheers from Team Kat and Coral Coral And Katherine