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Improving Health and Well-Being: Business for Community Benefit

CFINE’s Aims: Beneficiaries at our Heart

Our beneficiaries, who to be clear are eligible to be members, are at the heart of our work. Become a member and you’ll join a growing group of people who play a part in everything we do.


By becoming a member you will join a group of individuals who are determined to:

  • tackle poverty;
  • build resilience; and
  • improve the health and well-being

for and with disadvantaged, vulnerable, low income residents in NE Scotland.

What you get as a member?

Quarterly newsletter letting you know what’s happening.

Opportunities to become involved in our support services, influencing our policies and priorities.

Who can be a member?

From our Memorandum and Articles of Association (constitution), membership is open to:

  • any individual who is resident in north east Scotland that wishes to promote the objects of the Company;
  • any not-for-profit Community Food Organisation based in north east Scotland;
  • any organisation based in north east Scotland that wishes to promote the objects of the Company.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to residents in the Highlands and Islands.

Associate Membership is also open to all CFINE staff.

How you can support CFINE?

There’s no pressure to do anything, but if you are keen to take action, options include:

  • fundraising to support CFINE’s work;
  • food donations, organising food drives;
  • volunteering in a wide range of roles (e.g. driving, stores, admin, food bank, Community Food Organisation's);
  • contributing to our efforts to share experience and evidence to highlight the realities and challenges of (food) poverty and to influence local and national decision-making.

Ethos and Values

CFINE operates to cooperative, or ‘Community Development’, principles which underpin and permeate the organisation and its activities. The ethos and values:

  • Inclusion, dignity and respect;
  • equality of opportunity;
  • collaboration and partnership;
  • mutuality and reciprocity;
  • recognising that everyone has something to offer;
  • those affected by an issue should be integrally involved in solutions; and
  • enterprising.

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