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Skills Development

Community Growing

CFINE's Community Growing team is lead by Rebecca Dunn and Lucy Edwards. Community-based gardening projects are making up a bigger part of life in our city all the time, our job is to support those projects to flourish.

The support we offer:

Help to start your own Community Garden

If you would like to start a community garden project, or you want help to develop an existing project, then we’re here to offer support.

We can provide:

  • Free site visits and advice for your project, whatever stage it’s at
  • Relevant contacts and help with supply of materials
  • Lending of gardening tools from our Community Growing Tool Library
  • Support with gardening-related activities and/or workshops
  • Referrals to training courses to boost you and your members’ gardening know-how
  • Access to various partnership organisations that help your organisation to have its say in matters relating to community growing in Aberdeen City
  • Support you to recruit volunteers

Training Courses

We and our partner organisations provide training opportunities for individuals and groups that are looking to develop green skills. These include:

  • Growing Employability Skills Course
  • Grow Food Indoors in collaboration with One Seed Forward
  • Growing for Wellbeing Course in collaboration with Mind Store

Volunteer Support

Want to develop new skills, while getting to know others within your local community? Volunteering at a community growing project might be the perfect place to start. Community growing projects offer a friendly environment to practice whatever it is you’re wanting to learn.

The benefits of volunteering at community growing projects can include:

  • Improved access to food and better nutrition
  • Increased physical activity
  • Socialising with like-minded people
  • Combating isolation
  • Improved mental health

See our Aberdeen City food growing map (below) to find projects near you:

If you need additional support to find a suitable project or a suitable volunteering role - we are here to help.

Garden beds

Contact Us

For any queries relating to community garden support, growing activities, volunteering and skills development opportunities, or involvement in community growing partnership projects, please contact us at:

Community Growing Development Worker: Rebecca Dunn. Work no: 07588 471390. Email:

Community Growing Assistant: Lucy Edwards. Email:

Click here to see a Community Growing blog with seasonal growing tips!

"[The course] was amazing! It helped me meet new people, develop new skills, boosted my confidence and opened new doors for me, all of which I had previously been struggling with. Spending time in nature and actively learning about sustainability was a huge help for mental health and improved my outlook on life, and I've felt lasting benefits since finishing the course. I can't recommend this course enough!"
"I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the wonderful lessons on seedling growing and the thoughtful gifts you've provided. The experience of nurturing seedlings alongside you has been incredibly enriching and rewarding for me.
“[I] Enjoyed learning about propagating plants, really enjoyed learning about medicinal plants, preparing beds and planting new plants, quite like pruning and try not to be old about weeding”
“I enjoyed being outdoors, tending to our seedlings and layering the compost bin. Planting trees was a favourite”
"[I have gained] Lots! Confidence in gardening, and the confidence to apply for related jobs. New connections. Routine."

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