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Granite City Good Food

Granite City Good Food brings together key stakeholders to create systems change around sustainable food; towards making healthy and sustainable food a defining characteristic of our city.

What we believe in


We believe food has never been more important. Some of the most pressing social, economic, and cultural issues today are caused, or affected, by it.

We believe that every person in Aberdeen should have access to healthy, tasty, affordable food, which is good for the environment and our local economy.

We believe that the Sustainable Food Places framework offers the foremost way of “thinking sustainable”. Split into six key areas, over 50 places nationwide use the framework, which allows partnerships to:

  1. Take a strategic and collaborative approach to good food governance and action
  2. Build public awareness, active food citizenship and a local good food movement
  3. Tackle food poverty and diet-related ill-health and increase access to affordable healthy food
  4. Create a vibrant, prosperous and diverse sustainable food economy
  5. Transform catering and procurement and revitalise local and sustainable food supply chains
  6. Tackle the climate and nature emergency through sustainable food and farming and put an end to food waste

We believe that the only way to create a food system which addresses these issues is together, by thinking sustainable.

We are Granite City Good Food, Aberdeen’s Sustainable Food Places Partnership.

Ways to get involved

Sign the Food Charter

We believe that every person in Aberdeen should have access to healthy, tasty, affordable, and sustainable food. However, we also believe that, in order to become a truly sustainable food place, it is incredibly important that we all use our voices to ensure positive change. Sign the Food Charter today and pledge to help Aberdeen become a sustainable food place.

By signing our Sustainable Food Charter, you are committing:


  • Follow a healthy diet: eat at least 5 portions of seasonal fruit and vegetables every day.
  • Buy more local and seasonal produce.
  • Grow your own food in an allotment, community garden, at home or at work.
  • Cook your own meals from scratch, using fresh, local, and sustainably sources ingredients.
  • Compost, reduce food waste and recycle packaging.


  • Procure sustainable, local and responsibly sourced food.
  • Provide opportunities to grow food at work and within the community.
  • Increase access to healthy food and drinks in canteens and encourage staff to follow a healthy diet, including reduced sugar consumption.

Make your Planet Pledge

Are you an organisation putting food at the forefront of your climate and nature response? Are you looking for ways to make improvements to your food via sustainability? Are you taking action to promote less and better meat, local produce, or sustainable supply chains?

Make your commitment clear - sign the Planet Pledge!

Sign here

If you have any issues signing the pledge, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Governance of Granite City Good Food

We are driven by a Steering Group, chaired by Councillor Lesley Dunbar since 2017, whose membership consists of:

  • Aberdeen City Council
  • Robert Gordon University
  • NHS Grampian
  • Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership
  • Tillydrone Community Flat
  • The Allotments Market Stall

In order to deliver on the above priorities, Granite City Good Food hosts several working groups, to help achieve its goals. These Groups are:

  • Food Poverty Action Aberdeen
  • Aberdeen Community Food Network
  • Aberdeen Procurement Partnership
  • The Food Growing Strategy Implementation Group

Beyond groups we host, as a partnership, we also ensure a holistic approach to sustainable food by feeding into several external groups, strategies, and networks, such as the Community Planning Aberdeen Sustainable Cities Group and the LOIP Healthy Lifestyles Working Group.

Please see our Action Plan and Memorandum of Understanding

For more information on Granite City Good Food, please contact us:


Facebook: @granitecitygf

Instagram: @granite_city_good_food

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