Nick and Penny Visit 3

Fruits, vegetables, flowers and a great time

Dave Simmers, CFINE’s CEO and 6 wonderful CFINE volunteers visited Nick Orpwood, CFINE Board member, 
and Penny Orpwood.  Nick and Penny have a spectacular garden which is open for public.  All the donations they receive through these visits are donated to local charity.

Our team had a great time in the garden: they got to taste the Orpwood’s home grown fruits & vegetables and met Tigger, their lovely doggy.  The delicious, homemade soup and bread rolls were followed by cake and tea.  Unfortunately, our team couldn’t stay all day long because there’s always a lot to do at CFINE. However, they recommend this experience to every nature loving person, because it’s a lifetime experience.

A few kind words from the volunteers to thank Nick and PennyNick and Penny Visit 2

“Thank you for having us, for the beautiful bunch of colourful flowers and for all the hard work! The soup was lovely! I cannot wait for our next visit”

“Fantastic morning spent in a fabulous garden. Nick and Penny are wonderful hosts who made us feel most welcome!”

“Many thanks for your generosity, we had a very enjoyable time. It’s a great idea to host people in your garden and support a good cause. I could have stayed all day!”