Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI) had a full day of volunteering with us at CFINE. We were really happy to have them in. They helped with so many different tasks in CFINE throughout the day; from working in the food bank, sorting FareShare stock, weighing and bagging items for our social enterprise and even crafting a bear costume for our Tuk-Tuk to wear to Grampian Pride.
The volunteers also ran a food drive in their office and donated 120kg of food to CFINE, the equivalent of 286 meals! 

But don't just take our word for it... read what some of the volunteers had to say about their day at CFINE:


  • I had been aware of some of the work CFINE do for a while but I was keen to find out more and see the impact they have on the local community. Aberdeen Standard Investments provides all colleagues with three paid volunteer days each calendar to use for any charity of their choice.  As part of this the company organises a Global Volunteering Day. Through this, we were made aware of the opportunity to volunteer with CFINE for the day. 10 other colleagues and I signed up and we all had a great day getting stuck in and helping out with the running of the various initiatives that CFINE carries out.


  • Some of us were out helping to deliver vegetables, baby food and milk (that would have otherwise gone to waste) to community groups and organisations that would hand it out to families and individuals who may be struggling. Others were sorting food that had been donated for the food bank into different food types and by date and then packaged them up into food parcels to be handed out later that day. The rest of the group were making up bags of healthy snacks for the fruit and veg social enterprise that CFINE runs. To end the day, we all helped with a project that one of the regular volunteers was working on, which was to create a float for CFINE to take part in the Grampian Pride parade. CFINE’s tuk-tuk was being disguised as a bear for the day and we were helping to measure up and cut out the pieces of material for the bears body. This was an unexpected end to the day and not an activity that we thought would be involved in volunteering with CFINE! But it was great fun (and challenging!) and shows the wide variety of tasks that might come up on a daily basis at CFINE.

  • I was allocated as the ‘Drivers Assistants’ for the delivery vans in operation that morning. This entailed loading the vans with the available foods from that day and delivering across the city. The destinations varied from Community centres and other key support agencies dotted throughout the city. I must say that I was very impressed with the work carried out by these big-hearted and caring people.

  • Sian, Constance and Sophie had spent most of the morning splitting up large bags of Yogurt Raisins and Mixed Nuts into smaller ‘healthy snack’ 20g bags to be sold in the Fruit and Veg CFINE shop. Lyn, Emma J, Priti, Emma M, Michele and Priya spent the morning sorting food by date, type etc. working in the Food Bank shop and generally assisting with tidying up the warehouse.

  • I think it’s safe to say that all of us from Aberdeen Standard Investments enjoyed our day at CFINE, we were impressed by the scale of the operation and awestruck by the enthusiasm of those who worked there full time and also those who volunteered on a regular basis.

  • I would really recommend volunteering at CFINE. There is so much good work being done by CFINE and the wide variety of initiatives means that there really is a volunteering activity to suit anyone!

  • To support this worthy cause I will be aiming to purchase my fruit and veg at CFINE from now on!