The Scottish Government asked CFINE to operate and coordinate a pilot scheme for six months in 2017-18 through which sanitary products were made available free to all those on low incomes who need them, including any gender categories in need. 

Access to Sanitary Products pilot operated in Aberdeen’s regeneration areas through partner organisations.  A wide range of community and voluntary organisations supported the pilot, along with the local authority and educational institutions including; schools, colleges and universities.

Access to Sanitary products cfine

It has ended in a huge success with over 1,000 people signing up to receive sanitary products.  As a result of the success, The Scottish Government has allocated funding to roll-out the distribution of free sanitary products to those in need widely across Scotland, including Aberdeen via the FareShare network.

Under the new £5.2m Scottish Government scheme, every educational institution is to provide free sanitary products. This is a world leading action to fight period poverty.

If you’d like more information about where you can access free sanitary products, or you are the part of an organisation who could distribute to the members of your community, please get in touch with Christine via email: [email protected]


For more information about the new Government scheme: