Fundraising food challenge

We held our annual fundraising challenge, Appetite for Change, on Challenge Poverty Week between 5-9th of October 2020. Thirty fundraisers pledged to live on £2 a day for five days to help us build awareness of food insecurity and fundraise through sponsorship. The Challengers raised £11,642 for our cause, which will go towards developing and maintaining support services that help hundreds of disadvantaged, food-insecure individuals and families weekly.

The food challenge participants found Appetite for Change eye-opening; they said it is possible to live on £2 for five days only, but they would not manage to get by on the tight budget week in-week out. 

Lisa Duthie, CFINE Chief Executive, said:

“I would like to thank everyone who took part or donated to Appetite for Change this year. We are beyond grateful for your kindness and generosity.

“Appetite for Change is our way of helping others understand the struggle that many people have to live with every day. It was more important this year than ever before to organise a campaign that destigmatises living on a low income and experiencing difficulties at purchasing adequate food.

“As a result of coronavirus and the oil downturn, many families in Aberdeen are pushed to the brink. From March to October alone, we delivered over 46,300 emergency food parcels with the help of our partners, which is more than double of the parcels that CFINE distributed during last year.”

We continue to deliver emergency food parcels to people experiencing food insecurity in Aberdeen. We also operate a variety of holistic support services that help beneficiaries regain their resilience against being washed up in the rising tide of poverty. We expect a further increase in the need for emergency support over Christmas and prepares for experiencing unprecedented demand. 

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