Volunteers from HomeStart enjoyed an afternoon and evening of cooking in CFINE’s training kitchen, Cook at the ‘Nook.

They were set a challenge; come up with a menu and cook from surplus or ‘waste’ food sourced through FareShare. Participants were given a real-life scenario of someone living in food poverty, and were asked to think about how they would budget for meals on a low income.

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The event was organised by HomeStart to thank and celebrate the good work that the volunteers do with families across the city. This was also a great opportunity for people to find out more about CFINE’s various services and how these are accessed.

Run over two sessions, the groups conjured up some amazing meals from basic ingredients using only surplus food. They showed real creativity, cooking everything from chicken curry to butternut squash fritters, apple crumble, oatmeal flapjacks, and an amazing pear tart, to name but a few.

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food cooked food cooked 2

Once the food was cooked, Development Worker Christine McLean took the groups through the finances of each of the scenarios.

This led to discussion about the realities of living in food poverty, and the effects it can have on people.

The whole experience was enjoyed by all, with participants expressing their amazement at the variety of surplus food available through FareShare.

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CFINE offers various corporate volunteering and team-building days. For more information please get in touch!

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