VegBag growing your own veggies

Something exciting is happening just now around Aberdeen.

The VegBag is a simple, innovative project aimed at encouraging folk from across the city to get involved in growing their own vegetables at home.

Residents have signed up to receive a bag of 5 pre-planted veggies such as carrots, cabbage, lettuce, beetroot, and chives. Neil Woodward, Community Growing Officer said:

“There’s very little maintenance required aside from regular watering and it is an excellent introduction to growing.
VegBag lettuce

The VegBag is part of the Granite City Growing project, and is a collaboration between CFINE and Aberdeen City Council as part of their new Food Growing Strategy.

So far, it has proved hugely popular (perhaps too popular given the number of deliveries Neil has done in the last week or two!)

The VegBag project is part of a number of exciting community growing projects in Aberdeen, including new community gardens which are shooting up across the city.

“With community gardens rising up through the undergrowth in many areas of the city we hope the VegBag project helps attract members of the public towards the new emerging growing spaces.

Community Growing Aberdeen