Following 26 years of involvement, CFINE Chief Executive Dave Simmers announced his retirement in February 2020. Dave leaves a long and impactful legacy not only on CFINE but on community development and community services overall in the North East. We're pleased to announce that Lisa Duthie has been appointed as our new Chief Executive. Lisa started in her new role as Chief Executive of CFINE on Wednesday, 1 April.

We wish a healthy and happy retirement to Dave. Thank you for everything that you have done for vulnerable people, CFINE and us! Congratulations, Lisa and welcome to the CFINE family! 

Lisa has over 25 years of experience in working to improve outcomes for societies and most vulnerable groups, including 16 years working in the charity sector and 9 years for NHS Grampian. Lisa is a fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health and holds an MSc in Health Improvement. She has a track record of developing and delivering person-centred programmes in food, health & homelessness, mental health & wellbeing, employability, substance misuse and specialist experience in fundraising and income generation.