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Why you should take part in the FareShare Tesco Food Collection!

Posted 15th Jun 2022 · News

On the 20th of November last year I took part in the Christmas FareShare Tesco Food Collection! Having been in my role as CFINE’S Marketing and PR Officer for only around two months, I was eager to get out into the community and spread the word about CFINE, who operate FareShare.

The main reason I write this post is to give you more insight as to why you should participate in the Tesco Food Collection this summer and how this will directly benefit CFINE as well as the partners we support. As well as this, I want to highlight how rewarding it is on a personal level to take part in this event.

Tesco Food Collection

Firstly, with the rising cost of living, the increase in energy and gas prices and numerous other factors, we here at CFINE are seeing a rise in a need for our services, in particular our food bank and pantries. Therefore, the more volunteers we get signed up for the Tesco Food Collection, the more donations we get in which will go to those who need it within our local community.

At current we have low levels of staple ambient food items in our warehouse, from soup to tinned meals, and by volunteering three hours of your time you will be helping CFINE, and our partners get some much-needed food.

Another reason you should take part in the collection, is that it is incredibly rewarding to get out into the community and represent a charity and organisation that means a lot to people in your local area. Upon having conversations with shoppers, I found that many had not heard of FareShare and were interested to know more. This is when I would mention how CFINE operate the Grampian Regional Centre and therefore it would benefit CFINE. Through these conversations I found so many people knew and respected CFINE and the work we do. Many people told me they had used our services or knew of people who had, and this helped me see outside of the office how wide of an impact we have.

On the other hand, many people had not heard about CFINE or FareShare and therefore I was given the opportunity to tell them what we do, which in the long run will ensure more people know what services are available if they need them.

Therefore, I ask on behalf of CFINE, if you have 3 hours from 30th June – 2nd July, please consider volunteering at one of the 3 Tescos participating in Aberdeen. Ask a friend or two to join you (3 people per slot) and learn a bit more about what goes on within your community, come home knowing you have done good and know that as a result of your time, CFINE and their partners will have more food to provide to their beneficiaries during these challenging times.

To sign up to the FareShare Tesco Food Collection click this link - put in your postcode, select your local/chosen store, choose a time slot, and that is you signed up!