An exciting and new food poverty scheme -  Scotland’s first Pantry -  has launched on 12 February 2019 in the Woodside Community Centre. Food bank use has significantly increased in the past 5 years, many families are dependent on emergency food parcels in Aberdeen. CFINE believes food banks are needed but are not helpful as they create dependence, erode dignity and change fundamentally nothing.

In order to help low-income, vulnerable individuals and families accessing food on a more dignified way, CFINE in partnership with Fersands and Fountain Community Project, FareShare UK and funded by the Scottish Government, established the Woodside Pantry in the Woodside Community Centre, Aberdeen.

The Pantry scheme provides food for its members at a token price, allowing those on a low income to pick the produce themselves in a shop-like environment. The items in the Pantry are ‘weighted’ by value, making sure that all members equally receive meat or fish, fruit and vegetables and ambient food every week. The items are distinguished with triangle and circle labels. Each member is entitled to 7x ‘red circle’ and 3x ‘blue triangle’ items every week.

The membership fee is £3 per annum, with the addition of £2.50 per shopping. Every member can shop once a week, but the member or the household representative must be present at the visit. For more information about eligibility and membership, please read our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

“It is exciting to be the part of a new development, first in Scotland, opening an alternative option to food banks, based on mutuality and the ‘old-style’ community food cooperatives. From this initial Pantry, CFINE will be developing similar initiatives across the city of Aberdeen in partnership with local communities.

 Christine McLean – Pantry Development Worker, CFINE